What Your Company Needs to Know: Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Learning how to identify and mitigate risks of human trafficking in supply chains has become integral to corporate success in today’s global marketplace.

As the regulatory landscape expands in response to pressure from NGOs and civil society, and as human trafficking and slavery activities continue to occur across global supply chains, companies must perform due diligence to limit risk across their operations.

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Webinar Time


11AM ET | 8AM PT | 4PM GMT

Webinar Date


Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Webinar Duration


Approximately 45 minutes

Webinar Summary

Join Jonathan Nauth for a webinar exploring how Assent can help companies identify and mitigate these risks across their supply chains, while meeting regulatory requirements. In this webinar, you learn:

  • Why companies should care about human trafficking from a legal, reputational and human rights perspective
  • What are operational, legal, financial and reputational risks
  • What is the regulatory landscape (UK Modern Slavery Act, U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation and California Transparency in Supply Chains Act)
  • How the Assent Compliance Platform can help

Do not miss this opportunity to learn best practices and how your company can mitigate risks.

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