Understanding the AD-DSL

This eBook provides an overview of the IAEG’s Aerospace & Defence Declarable Substance List, why this tool was developed and how it is changing the way aerospace and defense companies report chemical data.


What's in This eBook?

The AD-DSL contains approximately 1,200 substances chosen by the IAEG’s Working Group 1 to comply with current and anticipated regulatory requirements, and meet other industry considerations. Collecting supply chain data against the AD-DSL can help companies in the industry to meet their regulatory requirements, while also identifying other risks, including supply chain obsolescence.


eBook Contents

This eBook provides insight into:

  • Why the AD-DSL was developed
  • How the AD-DSL is changing the aerospace & defense industry
  • What other tools exist to help, including the IPC-1754 materials declaration standard
  • ...And more!

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