Redefine Your Audit & Inspection Process

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A Highly Configurable,
Streamlined Experience

Centralizing data and effectively collaborating with third-party stakeholders can be complicated and time-consuming. Assent streamlines the audit and inspection process by delivering a highly-configurable workflow management software, backed by world-class industry expertise.

Manage Complex Audits & Inspections

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager allows users to easily assign and coordinate a broad range of audit and inspection tasks. Users benefit from advanced workflow management and collaboration tools, corrective actions management, demonstrable audit trails and more. The software application complements supply chain data management solutions, such as the Assent Compliance Platform, to enable complete supply chain risk identification and mitigation in real time.

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Solve Common Auditing Challenges

& Customize

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager’s framework optimizes third-party evaluations with the ability to fully customize your workflow while collaborating with multiple stakeholders.


The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager works seamlessly in offline mode for areas with limited or no connectivity, with all required attachments and data accessible. Data will sync when the connection is re-established. The user-friendly interface is accessible on most web-enabled devices.

Audit Management

The Assent Audit & Inspection Manager gives you the ability to manage dozens of active projects in real time, collaborate with stakeholders, assign tasks, share data, collect results and provide feedback to auditors from a single interface.

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