You work with a vast network of contacts around the world, amidst ever-changing regulatory requirements.

It's Complicated
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Gathering the data you need, when you need it, is a challenging task for even the most well-equipped compliance program.

We can help.

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The Assent
Compliance Platform

Partnering with Assent ensures you are prepared to meet the demands of an evolving business landscape. Our platform automates data collection and validation, and ensures that data is centralized and ready to leverage for your compliance and risk mitigation activities.



Data Collection & Validation

Data collection requires input from a vast network of contacts, and ensuring the accuracy of this data can be difficult. The Assent Compliance Platform automates the collection, validation and centralization of data, so you have the information to support your program’s evolving requirements. You can also leverage industry templates or configure data collection to your specific requirements.


Leverage Your Data

Organizing and reporting on collected data can be a time-consuming, tedious process. Our comprehensive dashboards provide a holistic overview of the progress of your data collection campaigns, supplier engagement levels and risk assessment.


Robust Integrations

The Assent Compliance Platform integrates with a wide variety of ERP and PLM systems through a comprehensive API, ensuring a seamless transition to our data management and compliance software.


Automated Supply
Chain Communications

You need to receive supply chain data quickly and efficiently. The Assent Compliance Platform automates supply chain outreach to streamline the communication process, while the Supplier Portal, a secure data submission portal, is optimized to increase supplier engagement.

Assent Compliance Platform Suites

We offer product suites designed to help you meet your corporate social responsibility, product compliance and vendor management obligations. Learn more about each suite below.

Social Responsibility Suite

The Corporate Social Responsibility Suite has modules for human rights, conflict minerals, anti-bribery anti-corruption and more. Data is gathered, validated and managed at scale, meaning you have access to your data and can leverage detailed reporting to analyze risk and trends within your compliance program and more.

Compliance Suite

The Product Compliance Suite helps you meet your obligations under REACH, global RoHS and other chemical reporting laws. Automated data collection, validation and management means your data is compiled into one secure interface that updates alongside changing regulatory requirements, and is always ready to be leveraged to meet your compliance program needs.

Management Suite

The Vendor Management Suite enhances your vendor partnerships by streamlining and automating communication processes, and managing your data. The Vendor Information and Vendor Risk Modules assess and mitigate vendor-related risk associated with IT security, code of conduct adherence, poor data quality and more.

    Corporate Social

    • Human Rights
    • Conflict Mineral
    • Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption
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    • Chemical Reporting
    • REACH
    • EU RoHS
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    • Vendor Risk
    • Information Security
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    What to Expect
    When You Choose Assent

    When partnering with Assent, you can expect uncomplicated, reliable supplier engagement and full visibility into your supply chain. Beyond helping you meet your compliance and data management goals, we offer turnkey solutions to handle all your compliance efforts — backed by international support from our world-class team and industry contacts of over 250,000 suppliers. Regulations are constantly evolving. You can count on the Assent Compliance Platform and our industry expertise to help you navigate the regulatory landscape.


    Ken Manchen

    Former Director of Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs of a multinational electronics distributor (Premier Farnell Corp.)

    Our initial compliance solution provider was unable to deliver the consistent, quick, reliable service we needed. I talked to fellow compliance professionals and compared other services to identify the best provider to partner with going forward. That company was Assent.


    Bill Wheatley

    Director of Strategic Projects at a $1.5 Billion Medical Device Company

    We have software that does exactly what it needs to do. We have a group that seamlessly works with the Assent IT folks. We get any questions or any problems resolved, and it's usually within a 24-hour period. I actually would recommend Assent — and I have.


    Ryan Zelhofer

    Product Compliance Manager, Plexus Corp.

    Assent understands that in order to truly provide a high- quality partnership with their clients, it means not just having a strong platform — it’s about having people behind the platform who care about the topics they manage and helping companies reach their full potential. It is the passion of their employees that make the difference.


    Rhonda Grady

    Former Program Manager, Ethics & Business Compliance, Esterline Technologies

    Assent's responsiveness, patience and attention to detail go beyond what I think of as exceptional customer service.

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