Budgeting for Compliance in 2018

Understanding the compliance landscape is key to your company’s success in 2018. From a budgeting perspective, you need to know how regulatory changes impact your business, where compliance costs live in your budget, where you should invest, and what kind of support your team needs to navigate the landscape.


What's in This eBook?

Budgeting for Compliance in 2018 takes a look back at all the regulatory changes that occurred in 2017, and highlights those that will impact your business in the coming year. It describes how these changes may affect your company, down to the department level, and prepares you to make the essential business decisions needed for compliance success in 2018.

Chapter Overview


Chapter 1: A Look Back at Compliance in 2017

Many changes occurred within the compliance landscape in 2017. Review the impact of these developments and the lessons that can be learned from them — including how to adapt to evolving regulations and cope with increased public scrutiny around human rights issues within the supply chain.

Chapter 2: Assessing the Impact of Compliance on Your Business

How do regulatory revisions and updates affect your business? In this chapter, discover some of the key challenges faced by compliance teams and identify ways you can support yours as they respond to regulatory changes.

Chapter 3: Your Budget in 2018

Budgeting for compliance can be daunting for any company. Without proper planning and a firm understanding of your company’s compliance programs, expenditures can spiral out of control. Learn how you can protect your budget from rising compliance costs in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Understanding the Cost of Compliance

Compliance costs vary by company and industry. However, the nature of compliance makes it hard to nail down exactly what each company pays for its compliance activities. This chapter provides a breakdown of costs by company size and industry, and helps you understand all the places compliance lives within your budget.

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