[Webinar] Compliance Essentials: Surveying, Communicating, Analyzing & Reporting

In the wake of ever-changing compliance rules and regulations, compliance managers need a solution that keeps up.

Surveying, analyzing and reporting are only a few key tasks compliance professionals must perform on a regular basis. The Assent Compliance Platform is a comprehensive all-in-one compliance tool that scales, allowing for growth in your programs while evolving alongside the regulatory landscape and a growing supply chain.

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Webinar Time


2PM ET | 11AM PT | 7PM GMT

Webinar Date


Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Webinar Duration


Approximately 45 minutes

Webinar Summary

Communication with your supply chain must be top of mind. An automated and streamlined supply chain saves you time and improves the overall efficiency of your compliance program. This process begins with organizing your data and the Assent Compliance Platform is just the right tool to aid with the process. This streamlined approach to supply chain communications will enhance your compliance program and ensure your communications are reaching the right suppliers.

Join Assent Compliance on July 17 at 2 PM ET, as we demonstrate how the Assent Compliance Platform facilitates supply chain surveying, compliance data analysis and reporting. In this webinar, learn how Assent can work with you to build your own unique environment, allow you to survey and email your supply chain, and analyze and report results. You will also get a look a some of our additional resources and tools, such as FMDComplete and Assent University.

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